About Us

The Genetic Data Centre (since 1998) and the BioSAFE (since 2010) service labs have joined our capacities to advise biologists on the advantages, precision and costs of applying molecular tools in genetics and genomics.  We can provide space, equipment and know-how for small to large scale genetic research projects.

Our Team

Team Leaders

Richard Hamelin – richard.hamelin@ubc.ca

Carol Ritland – carol.ritland@ubc.ca

Technical Staff

Padmini Herath – padmini.herath@ubc.ca
Specialist in fungal pathogen identification with morphological, life history and genomic bar coding.
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Allyson Miscampbell – allyson.miscampbell@ubc.ca
Specialist in sample analyses with genomic tools such as microsatellites and sequencing.
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Analytic Staff

Arnaud Capron – arnaud.capron@ubc.ca
Bioinformatician in genomics data analyses, a specialist in fungal pathology.
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Moth sampling
Coyote map population
Tree piece sampling